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A Truly American Story

I would like to introduce you to Zaffar Anvari. He is the owner of Avesta Persian Grill. In 2005, Zaffar came to Houston from Tajikistan with $200 to his name and didn’t speak English. Last night Avesta provided an incredible Persian meal for 127 Afghan refugees and then Zaffar refused to accept any payment. Instead, he gave me a handful of business cards and a message, “Tell them they are going to be very successful in the land of opportunity and when that happens, I want them to come to my restaurant.” If you are in Houston, Avesta is at Wilcrest and Westheimer. Thank you, Zaffar, for the food and for so much more! To learn more about the current situation for Afghan Refugees and how you can help, follow this link to Strategic Global Missions or donate at this link, Help Our Allies.

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