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Too Good not to Tell

This Syrian immigrant and his son, along with one of his daughters and his wife, help serve 27 Afghan families this weekend. His story is just too good not to tell. Five years ago he came to the US with his wife and six children during a tumultuous political time that tainted any warm welcome they might have received. They spent years going through the immigration process in an Egyptian refugee camp, just to get to that point. They miss their home in Syria but are effusive in their gratitude for the chance to escape danger and find opportunities here. The kids have done well in school. Their youngest boy is a junior high quarterback for “American rules” football. After all they have been through, I am humbled by their eagerness to express their appreciation by helping someone else. They spent all day preparing food and most of the evening serving it, but they didn’t offer a hint of burden, only joy.

Learn more about the challenges facing new arrivals from Afghanistan by clicking this link; Strategic Global Missions. $800 feeds these families for one night. More families are coming. If you can help, make a donation at Help our Allies.

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