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Thank you for being part of the solution! 

There are a few ways you can help support the mission. To make a recurring gift, click "Monthly Donations" below select an amount, and your account will be debited in that amount each month until we hear different from you. 

For a one-time gift, click the "One Time Donations" and click on designated amounts to see what your gift can accomplish.  For non-cash gifts click "Other" and let us know how you want to participate.  Someone will contact you to work out the details.  If you have any questions, "Contact Us."

Donate when you shop


Debit My Account Monthly

This option will debit your account monthly in the amount you select.  At the end of the year, you will receive a statement from us that reflects your giving for the year.


I would like to help  today

Click on the amount you are considering to see what your gift today can do.  If you have a specific amount in mind that is not listed, click "Custom" and you will be able to select the precise amount. 


I have something

unique to offer

If you would like to help in any non-monetary way, reach out to us here and tell us what you have in mind.  Someone will be in touch to work out the details.


Questions? Send us a message.

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